Eat Well, Play Well, Live Well - That Magical Smile
Eat Well, Play Well, Live Well -

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Cleaning teeth has never been
this much fun!
A wonderful new concept talking about:
Why our teeth are important.
Why and when we should clean our teeth.
Good food choices for healthy teeth and gums.
Limit those sugary snacks!
Why fizzy drinks are bad for our teeth!
Drinking water is the best for healthy teeth.
50 Minutes
Ages 3 - 6
Cost (Inc GST):
Please note these prices are for Sydney and Metro areas.
Includes Teachers Notes.
Certificate of Participtaion awarded to the Centre.
 This is a fun, interactive, magical experience that has to be
seen to be believed!
" The children fully enjoyed this truly interactive performance. The Learning 
experience fitted beautifully with our curriculum and the EYLF. Highly recommended"
Annie Tracey, Acre Woods Talavera, North Ryde